Wanda and other Friends


Wanda has a furry face, an inquisitive nature and is my best friend. She is also seventeen years old which is pretty high up there in dog years. She smiles and wags and has no idea or cares about the fact that she has pulmonary edema and her days are numbered. She lives life to the fullest every day. This morning she skipped and romped through our walk because it was warm and there was no ice to slip on. When it starts raining she will look out the door and gently decline her walk, preferring instead to spend a quiet day inside. She is not worried about will happen to her or how many days are left. She is just living them.

During my life, growing up in a dog family, I met many dogs. Loving them gave me careers as both a veterinary technician and a dog groomer. My every move has been made with the needs of my friends in mind. I know that I am better for being with Wanda and her kind. As we squeeze the last few hugs out of her long life, I wonder how easy it would be to live life in the moment the way she does, not caring about politics, health or where the next meal is coming from. Could I just live the best way I know how, smiling, loving and wagging my tail when needed? I think I might try it in 2017. Thanks Wanda.

Pets Peppi  Pets Jupiter

Old friends from a long time ago, Peppi and Jupiter



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